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An Absolute Must Do! Guaranteed to be the highlight of your stay in Bermuda. Here is why:

  • Our location in the East End of the island puts you in close proximity to the Castle Island/Castle Point Nature Preserve area, considered by many as the most scenic & secluded location in all of Bermuda, and you can only get there by boat! The best anchor, picnic, beach & snorkel spot on the Island.

  • Tuckers Town - The most exclusive community on the island. Do your very own "Rich and Famous Tour" and check out the most fashionable real estate in Bermuda.

  • View Nonsuch Island by water, our famous wildlife sanctuary. The only known nesting ground for the famous Cahow, one of the rarest birds in the world. Landing on the island is not allowed.

  • Snorkel the beautiful half sunken wreck off Nonsuch island

  • Visit St. Georges, for centuries a safe haven for mariners. Admire the visiting yachts from all over the world or poke around the numerous islands in the St. David's area.

  • ​Our motorboats are the world famous unsinkable Boston Whalers powered by Yamaha Engines (Max 3 persons). The boats are easy to maneuver, fully equipped with bimini tops, detailed map and all safety gear - including cellular phones. Complimentary snorkel gear and coolers help ensure a full day of fun.

  • Rental also includes thorough orientation with the map and the boat. We want to ensure you are comfortable with both before you depart. 

  • Booking in advance is a must - Email or Call Us Today! 

Trip Advisor

"We rented a small skiff and had an amazing day on the water ...went up to St. Georges & picked up a picnic lunch at the local grocery store ( with wonderful deli counter!) and then spent the day booming around the bay. Anchored off Castle Isalnd for an afternoon of pure bliss! Swam in the clearest blue-green water I've ever seen!


This rental spot has everything you can need for water sports! The Kayak rental for around Grotto Bay was great fun too!"

- Cate048


"We really enjoyed having our own motorboat, cruising out to St. George, then back through Castle Harbor to the islands and exploring. The castle islands area was especially scenic, peaceful, great for quiet swimming and relaxing on, well, deserted island beaches. This is a superb and different way to see Bermuda. The owner was entirely pleasant and fair as well, as weather concerns made us really want to switch days, and he accepted and was pleasant and accommodating......"

- RevKienz





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